Simpson uses references to objects to communicate the challenge faced by climbers by describing the objects as if they are people. He uses the mountain as if it was a person and how the mountain is watching him and how the mountain is the cause of the bad things that have happened. On page 117 “Simon” said they he “expected an avalanche to come hissing down”. This is personification because am avalanche does not hiss but he gives the impression of how it would sound in the readers mind so it will feel more realistic. Also he says that it is like the mountain was holding its breath. This is also personification because he is saying that the mountain is living and it can breathe like Humana. He also said “their” which is saying that out is also a living thing. They also talk about the void and say how the void represents death, hence the name touching the void, translated into touching death. This is used because of all of the close encounters of death throughout the book.

This article is in response to Isabelle Kerr and her article about how young people are speaking and how certain words are being created. I personally disagree with this article .

These new words are just a new way of young people communicating and some people just do not understand it. Isabelle Kerr says that “The future of the English language looks bleak.” I disagree with this because it is just like a different language, some people do not understand it, other people know a little bit, and there are just people that do not have a clue what it is. This just goes to show how she just does not like that there are more and more words being created by young people. Ever since the world was created there have been trillions of words created all around. This is just creating about 15 new words and she is having a breakdown about them.

Teenagers talk in ways that some people will not understand, just like another language. This is NOT a bad thing, it is just a new way of communicating by using shortened words and made up words that most young people know about, for example ” Sup, wuu2, u, r, etc. These are just easier ways of talking especially on social media. These words define who we are and how we communicate with each other Isabelle Kerr says “If the only words we can create are unimaginative hybrids of pre-existing words, or worse, shortening of already perfectly good words, then what hope is there?”. I disagree with her because all words started from somewhere and she may use some of them without even knowing. If you look through the dictionary there are words in there that have been shortened or even made longer.

She also says that “Words like twerking, unlike and selfie are nothing more than slang which, just like any fashion trend, come and go. After all, when was the last time you heard someone describe something as “groovy”?” I disagree with her because if these slang words will be forgotten in a few years time, she will have nothing to worry about the way we speak in around 10 years time and also there will be plenty of words to come in the future and she could be the one to make some of them.

Don’t you hate it when you are running and you stumble and your phone goes flying through the air and slides a few meters across the floor, then there is that moment in time when your heart just stops!  You take a deep breath and slowly, so slowly you walk towards it in a trace like state and pick it up to see if the display is completely shattered. I know I do.  Just imagine this.

You get up, ready for a new day. You pick up your phone and text your friends to ask if you all can go meet up, they say yes. You leap out of bed and have a quick warm shower. You feel awake and ready to start a new day. You eat breakfast and look at your phone to see that your friends have left their houses, you’re going to be late! You put on your coat and grab your keys and fly out of your front door. Your favorite song playing in your ears, you start running to the beat of the music and you see your bus up ahead about 100 ft away. You start to sprint for it hoping that you will make it. You feel a vibration come from your pocket, its a text from your friends telling you to hurry up. Phone in your hands running for your life, watching your friends cheer you on from the back of the bus and at that moment you get that weird feeling that something bad was going to happen. You trip over a tree branch and you fall to your knees watching your phone as it crashes down to the ground and slides along the floor. Your friends rush off the bus to help you.  You all crowd around the phone which is lying face down on the ground.  You slowly go to pick it up and you grasp it and slowly rotate the phone while lifting it. You look at the screen! Your emotions, like the screen, are shattered.

It had been a day since the accident. You lay in my bed, silent. I couldn’t move. Your parents come into the room and asked if you want to go to a repair shop. You immediately say yes quickly while jumping out of your bed bed. You get to the shop and they said that they could fix it, but it will take at least a week or so. You are devastated, but if you could get it fixed, that will be a price that you have to pay.

It has been 3 days without your phone, but it feels like months. You felt lonely, you phone was your world and now its gone. Hours fly and not a thought passes your mind. Your mind is blank

In school on the weekday it is noisy, you walk past a class room and hear lots of teachers shouting at students in their classrooms. It is very crowded, you walk through the corridor and get pushed around by the students coming from every corner of the hall. I can smell the lunches being cooked in the canteen , the scent of chicken and chips waft up my nose, it makes me very hungry. I walk around the school avoiding the students running through the corridors, and I ran my hands along the cold bumpy walls. The roughness of the walls make my hand numb and tingly. When my classes start, they usually take about ten minutes to start the actual lesson as the students are on their phones, talking to each other and just not paying attention. The lessons are always loud unless the teacher appears to get very angry, this is often apparent when I see them  rolling their eyes while taking slow deliberate breaths then we will be in silence until we are aloud to talk. When it is lunch time, the students all rush to the lunch hall to try and be first in line for it, but my need for peace and quiet makes me go get lunch outside. When I come back the school is quieter, but the younger years are still running around the school like maniacs.


In school on the weekend it is very quiet, it is just complete silence. The corridors are dark and gloomy, they feel like they go on forever.  There was no one to be seen anywhere, I feel like I am the only person in the world.  It is kind of scary in a way, like I am being watched, and I do not like that feeling at all. I walk around looking in the cold dark rooms hoping to find people there, but I do not see anyone in them.  I take my phone out of my pocket and look at the time, 11 o’clock, I thought it was much later.  I sprint up the stairs trying to find life in the school, looking in every window, in every gap that I can find, but no people anywhere.  I finally come to a room with people in it and I go in and sit down at a computer and log on, listening to the pupils talk about what they are going to do after school and the next day, time flies by and the next time I look at my phone it is 12:30. It was frustrating and I couldn’t think at all, it was like my brain has been knocked out and wouldn’t wake up.  Suddenly it was  1:00 which was when the school closed and I logged off the computer and left the class room. When I left, all the students were running and shouting, it felt like school again.

I left my house and I crossed the street, it was very cold so I put my jacket on. I walked down the road looking back for a bus but couldn’t see on so I turned back and kept I walking. I came to a food store and I could smell the fresh warm croissants, I felt hungry. I crossed the street again and came to a cross road, so I waited for the vehicles to stop and it got colder so I done up my jacker. I crossed two roads when the vehicles stopped and came to a straight. I walked about a third of a mile till I came to my school.

Paragraph: Fate in ozymandias through iambic meter

Point: fate is suggested through the iambic meter in ozymandias by referring that there is an endless breast underneath the words.

Example: the hand that mocked them and the heart today fed and on the pedestal these words appear: this is written with am iambic meter, as in the rest of the poem.


How do shakespeare and the studies poets use literary techniques to communicate their ideas about fate?

Literary devices – personIfication – imagery, dramatic irony, pathetic fallacy, metre: iambic pentameter

Shakespeare reveals his preoccupation with fate in Romeo and Juliet through Romeo’s premonition.

Just before he goes to the capulet party where, Romeo and Juliet met and fell in love, Romeo says “For my mind misgives some consequences yet hanging in the stars bitterly begin this fearful date”

This demonstrates the idea of fate because when he says “hanging in the stars”, he is referring to heaven, and thus God’s will.

Another evidence of fate is when friar Lawrence is running to get top Romeo and he falls over. This is an evince of fate because if he did not trip he would of got to Romeo before he killed himself.

Attempts to escape fate fail

Friar Lawrence stumbles

Romeo’s premonition before party

Metaphor “he that hath steerage…”

Prologue: pre-determines events

Friar John, quarantine

Coincidence, meeting servant with guest list

Mercutio “a plague on both you’re houses”


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